Niv Cohen - Studio visit

Niv Cohen's main body of artwork consists of masks and sculptures. The masks he creates are painted over celebrities’ faces. Over these faces he glues layers of magazines and other items till their identity fades and he then uses hot glue to come to his end result. Niv uses the mask, a flat image, which freezes the human expression, as a tool for processing and mirroring his own personal feelings.

For his sculptures Niv picks up raw materials from the streets around his studio and home, which he then re-assembles into new entities with a new meaning. The aesthetics of this work is a conversion of ready-made objects into organic ones, which he produces by using a blower, melting plastic parts and revealing underlying frames. The objective is to give the viewer a feeling of disgust and discomfort, as this reflects on what Niv defines as his self-perceived problematic identity in the world.