Niv Cohen - Studio visit

Niv Cohen's main body of artwork consists of masks and sculptures. The masks he creates are painted over celebrities’ faces. Over these faces he glues layers of magazines and other items till their identity fades and he then uses hot glue to come to his end result. Niv uses the mask, a flat image, which freezes the human expression, as a tool for processing and mirroring his own personal feelings.

For his sculptures Niv picks up raw materials from the streets around his studio and home, which he then re-assembles into new entities with a new meaning. The aesthetics of this work is a conversion of ready-made objects into organic ones, which he produces by using a blower, melting plastic parts and revealing underlying frames. The objective is to give the viewer a feeling of disgust and discomfort, as this reflects on what Niv defines as his self-perceived problematic identity in the world.

Tel Aviv Dolphinarium - The End!

Tuesday, May 15th 2018, will be Tel-Aviv's Dolphinarium last day. Today it's being demolished and will turn into public multi-use space.

Architect Nahum Zolotov came up with the idea to build the Dolphinarium in the mid-1970s. In addition to working as an architect, he took up diving as a hobby, and thought of opening an aquarium for educational purposes in Israel. He looked for partners and found businessman Zvi Efron, whom managed to attract Jewish investors from South Africa, following an agreement signed between their government and the Israeli government that allowed them to transfer money to Israel for investing in tourism and industrial ventures.

The site found was on the southern end of the Tel Aviv shore, north of the Manshia neighborhood that was buried under the grassy hills of the Charles Clore Park. The Tel Aviv municipality still dreamed then of setting up a major commercial center along the shore, and the Dolphinarium was to be an important link in the local leisure and entertainment chain. Unlike aquariums around the world, Efron and Zolotov thought of building a mixed-use underwater amusement park: an aquarium for educational purposes, an arena for shows featuring dolphins and sea lions, stores to help increase the flow of visitors, and restaurants that faced the park. The location between Tel Aviv and Jaffa was a further attraction for both Israelis and foreign tourists.

From an architectural perspective, the Dolphinarium belongs to the late end of Israeli modernism, on the edge of post-modernism. Zolotov, who became widely known following projects such as Be'er Sheva's Hashatiah housing complex and the Super-sol Tower on Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv, replaced rigid lines with a curving and poetic language, but remained loyal to exposed concrete.

(Taken from "Haaretz" English edition)


Fresh Paint #10

Fresh Paint #10 was held between 26 April 2018 till April 30, at the Tel Aviv convention center. The fair  wishes to provide a point of view on current state of affairs in local art and design scenes through a special decade exhibition, selected projects by galleries and art institutions, the up-coming independent artist’s greenhouse, the video greenhouse, and a presentation of Israel finest product designers.

I've included in this blog post some images of the artists I liked their work.

Gallery MA - Tokyo (ギャラリー間・東京)

en: art of nexus—Homecoming Exhibition of the Japan Pavilion from the 15th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia.

The original en—art of nexus exhibition presented at the Japan Pavilion in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale (May 28 – November 27, 2016) put the spotlight on 12 groups of architects born after 1975 and lucidly presented the work that they have been engaging in during these difficult times under the three themes of “The en of People”, “The en of Things”, and “The en of Locality”.

Aviv Keller - Studio Visit

Aviv (Bezalel graduate 2001) is an oil painter who incorporates embroidery in his art. He developed a unique technique in which he replaces the paintbrush with a needle and the result is absolutely fantastic!

Ra'anan Harlap - Studio Visit

Ra'anan Harlap is a Bezalel graduate class of 1986, who works a lot with wood that one can mostly find in construction sites around Israel. The end result is quite amazing as the shapes he creates play with the dimensions the human eye is used to look at. 

Shani Barel - (virtual) studio visit

We're constantly heavily bombarded with images, and practically everyone we know is a photographer (24/7 on the move photographers, as we carry our cellphones literally everywhere we go). What is photography as an artistic mean is such a cliche question. Rather than contemplating on this, I prefer letting my instincts lead me. When I see good photography, I know it. Shani is a great photographer. I've been following her work for quite a while now and I absolutely love it! Originally a Bezalel graduate, living and working in L.A. for close to 20 years now. You can see more of her fantastic work in the links below:

Mitsui Fudosan (三井不動産) visit to Tel Aviv

We hosted a delegation coming to Tel Aviv to learn about Art, night life, and alternative spaces. We visited various locations and contemplated on new models and ideas of using Art

Sharon Zargary - studio visit

Sharon is a painter and a sculptor. He holds an M.A. degree in Sculpture, from Brera Academy in Milan, Italy.

Lilac Madar - studio visit

Lilac earned her BFA in photography from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem and holds a master’s degree in Art history research from Tel Aviv University. She is an active artist whose work is included in private art collections. After completing her studies, she spent two years in New York where she founded the international art magazine, Forno, which has been published annually since 2003.

Avi Nevo - studio visit

Avi is a versatile artist, working in a wide range of mediums. In this visit I mostly focused on his most recent series of paintings.

Albert Ne'eman - studio visit

A visit to a good old friend's studio. Albert was a legendary montage craftsperson in the late 70's throughout the 80-90's working in the vibrant avant garde art scene in Tel Aviv. He collborated with people like Dudu Geva, Michel Opatowski, and many others.